Sunday, March 4, 2012

In Today Already Walks Tomorrow

About two years ago I became interested in underground, little-known music, distributed online, in most cases for free, released in netlabels. By then I had no idea how big the underground scene is. If you wanted to take a rest from the mainstream, you could listen to couple of free albums every day, and never run out of new music. Of course, not many of the releases are outstanding, but it makes whole thing a lot more interesting. Once in a while you find a real diamond. I found a few whilst my adventure with netlabels, this is one of them.

Sleepmakeswaves - In Today Already Walks Tomorrow

Debut EP by a post-rock band from Australia. One of the best post-rock albums that I've ever heard, perfect for listening with your eyes closed and just drifting away or taking a really long walk with nothing but your thoughts. Let the music speak for itself: 

Last year, the band released another great album '...and so we destroyed everything', but 'In Today Already Walks Tomorrow' is still my favourite. Don't know why. Maybe it's this little rough, unpolished sound or just a memory of all those days I spent on dreaming while listening...

The album is available for download on bandcamp in 'name your price' system.
You can buy there their other albums too.


  1. Are you a hipster by any chance?
    Nice post ;)

    1. haha, not at all, but I admit it, I may sound a little hipsterish :P
      I would call myself a connoisseur insted ;)
      (plus sleepmakeswaves is on quite a big tour right now, so they aren't as little-known as they used to be... but yeah, I liked them before everyone else :P)

  2. it seems worth looking in to
    but I'm generally not into post rock bands
    other than that I know what you're saying about the occasional diamond in the rough in all this underground music

    1. yes, it is
      I'm going to post other kinds of music too, so I hope you'll find something you like :)