Saturday, April 14, 2012

Brace Yourselves, Exams are Comming

What's up!
Yep, I know. I promised to don't stop writing, but I am really running out of time. I have to stop blogging for a while, I have a lot more work than I thought I have. I'm really working full throttle right now and I have no time to waste.
It's a pity because I really enjoyed the whole blogging experience. I will come back as soon as possible, in the middle of May, I guess.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Soundtrack of Your Lives

What's up guys!
Hard times to come by, my exams are getting closer and closer which means that I have to spent more and more ubelievable ammounts of time on such trivial things like:
  • studying
  • staring on my ceiling
  • 'I have so little time, but playing guitar is so tempting right now! OMG litsten to those sounds, when did I learn to play like that, I should write a songs, no, not one, I should write three songs. Maybe release an album by the end of the month (...)"
  • inner monologues about the educational system
 Apart from that, everything is just fine. I have been skating by in the last few weeks, but now I've got my priorities straighten, so it's time to really start working. And what is the best accompany while doing so? Music. As always.

Unfortunately my weirdo taste wasn't helping, as studying with psychedelic sounds or acoustic songs with strong lyrics really distracts my attention. And there the rescue comes:
Most of you probably know it, it gained pretty huge popularity thanks to articles in Forbes etc.
It's something like online radio station which suits your mood/your activities. Go to the main site and check by yourself, there are tons of tags to find something that is revelant to your needs. You can really find everything there, from calm, depressive, running, cooking music to saturday night fever, Berlin calling (?) or Lost in Jamaica.

I've been always quite resistant to classical music as an everyday listen, but recently I've found that choosing a 'studying' mood, which is mostly filled by piano pieces, makes me more calm, focused and organised. Just last night, I've done three times more than the previous weekend, because I didn't feel the need to procrastinate, stereomood made my studying time really pleasant.
Not to mention that I've discovered shitloads of new artist to check out later.

It's not flawless, some of the playlists have tracks that don't suit the mood, I think that one person might me forcing them, but you can skip everything you don't like. Try it, if you haven't already.

(sidenote: my adsense was disabled, wtf? not that it's necessary, it was just a nice addition to overall blogging experience, which I'm going to continue, my English skills really need more practice)


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Uke!: Entertainment For The Braindead

If you didn't like my previous ukulele posts, then I don't recommend reading this one, because it will be worse. Not only it is filled by a magical sound of uke, as always, but the ammount of my own nostalgia is over 9000.

Entertainment For The Braindead is pretty much the reason I got interested in ukes, if not her, I wouldn't play one right now (yup, I'm writing this post and playing an uke at the same time, it's what you can achieve by this instrument, a higher form of spiritual development, true story). EFTB is a one-girl project, Julia Kotowski is from Germany, and is getting more and more popularity in underground music circles. All of her albums were released for free in netlabels. The records themself are pretty homemade, she recorded the first ones in her parents living room by using an USB microphone, so the quality isn't killer, but it doesn't matter, you can still get the vibe of her beautiful voice.

'Roadkill' is a set of 10 songs, mostly played with uke, but you can hear a mandolin from time to time and other random sounds coming from house objects that Julia found useful. It's not an album for everyday listen. Something to get relaxed to before an intensive day or during a long trip. It's calm, soothing and in some way refreshing. Like a pleasant feel of clean, chilly water on your face on an early morning.  It's not for everyone, just like this music. Either you love it or hate it.

Lovely Julia
It's hard to choose one particular track to present the quality of album overally. I like most of the songs, but there are few that I just can't stand, the title track for example. It varies from person to person. You can download or listen to a whole thing here. And for now, I'm leaving you with 'Dry Wood'.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Dude, where's my Apple?

Ain't no April Fool's here.
The news broke yesterday. Ashton Kutcher is to play Steve Jobs in an upcoming indie cinema masterpiece called just 'Jobs', which will be a biography of an iPod inventor. Yep, Kutcher, the one known from shitloads of stupid comedies and the 'wittiest' show ever 'Punk'd'.

Not that I'm a fan of Steve Jobs, he, as usual in this business, wasn't a saint, and not such a genius as he was portrayed to be, as the succes of iTunes/iPods/other iThings is mostly a matter of tons of money spent on an advertisment, but this casting seems to be controversial.

I doubt that Ashton will handle the task, judging by his previous filmography. I admit, there is some ressemblance (look down). But is it enough? Best wishes to the makers, but it probably won't repeat a success of the loudest biographical film in previous years, 'Social Network'.

Saturday, March 31, 2012


Something remotely related with the last post o'mine. It's Saturday, we're young inhabitants of a galaxy, what to do with our evening? The answer is simple: party with The Wookies.

Don't ask, they don't know Chewbacca personally. But still, they are a nice little bunch of DJs. I haven't posted music like this on my blog, and judging by my previous choices you probably wouldn't say that I could listen to something similar (most people say so), but let's face the fact, every human being likes to BUST A MOVE from time to time. And Discotecno is a perfect thing for a hard party.

Infernus by The Wookies

I'm not quite sure how to describe their style: it's somehting between french house/regular disco. Check it out yourself, there is a bit of pretty neat sampling here. And the album 'Discotecno EP' is available as a free download on their Soundcloud!

Infernus is IMO the best track on the EP, it could make every Stormtrooper leave his blaster behind and dance like a mad man.