Saturday, February 25, 2012

So I Made A Blog

... and I'm not sure what to write about in my first post!
Quite a nice beginning. Well, I decided to create a blog, because I am taking my final exams in two months from now and I need to practice as writing a long form is a part of my english exam. I bet you've already guessed that english is not my native language haha.
A long form requires writing something between 200-250 words, which is not that much, but I still make a lot of annoying, simple mistakes, which can surely lower my grades.
Basically, my posts will be rather short, on various subjects. Apart from required forms I will try to write some reviews, maybe some music and guitar related stuff or something completely off.
In the end, this thing may evolve into something bigger if I notice that I like writing. We'll see.
That's all for now!