Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Uke!: Entertainment For The Braindead

If you didn't like my previous ukulele posts, then I don't recommend reading this one, because it will be worse. Not only it is filled by a magical sound of uke, as always, but the ammount of my own nostalgia is over 9000.

Entertainment For The Braindead is pretty much the reason I got interested in ukes, if not her, I wouldn't play one right now (yup, I'm writing this post and playing an uke at the same time, it's what you can achieve by this instrument, a higher form of spiritual development, true story). EFTB is a one-girl project, Julia Kotowski is from Germany, and is getting more and more popularity in underground music circles. All of her albums were released for free in netlabels. The records themself are pretty homemade, she recorded the first ones in her parents living room by using an USB microphone, so the quality isn't killer, but it doesn't matter, you can still get the vibe of her beautiful voice.

'Roadkill' is a set of 10 songs, mostly played with uke, but you can hear a mandolin from time to time and other random sounds coming from house objects that Julia found useful. It's not an album for everyday listen. Something to get relaxed to before an intensive day or during a long trip. It's calm, soothing and in some way refreshing. Like a pleasant feel of clean, chilly water on your face on an early morning.  It's not for everyone, just like this music. Either you love it or hate it.

Lovely Julia
It's hard to choose one particular track to present the quality of album overally. I like most of the songs, but there are few that I just can't stand, the title track for example. It varies from person to person. You can download or listen to a whole thing here. And for now, I'm leaving you with 'Dry Wood'.


  1. The song is a bit monoton, but she has a nice voice.

  2. Great tone thanks for sharing

  3. It Drywood sounds like a banjo playing so I'm assuming she has steel strings on instead of the crap nylon ones you traditionally see. I think my problem with the UKE is that it sounds too much like those plastic toy guitars you buy for kids.

  4. She is very pretty! Good music

  5. Not a bad tune a bit slow for me though.

  6. Her voice was lovely but you're right, I didn't care for the ukelele that much.